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  • How’s the Wifi?
    by Steve Wilson   I think we can all agree that WiFi is pretty essential these days, especially if you work remotely. For those of us who need to get work done when traveling, it’s indispensable. Meghan and I get local SIM cards for our phones so we don’t always need to worry about finding a local hotspot to get our emails that but our laptops need that WiFi. Let me tell you […]
  • Gernsbach, Germany
    Stumbling upon this incredibly charming little town was the best accident of our trip. by Steve Wilson   Our second day in Germany found us taking a train west out of Munich to the Schwarzwald area. We had planned on visiting Baden-Baden but the AirBnB prices were cheaper in Gernsbach, the next town over so that’s where we ended up staying (stay tuned for an article on […]
  • Schwangau, Germany
    Famed for the Romanesque Neuschwanstein Castle, this little town is a beautiful detour off the Romantic Road, but offers little else in the way of activities. by Steve Wilson   Everyone knows the Neuschwanstein castle whether they realize it or not. It’s the quintessential fairytale castle commissioned by King Ludwig II and one that Walt Disney used as inspiration for […]
  • A Smartphone for Smart Travel
    If you’re anything like us, you use your phone for everything from navigation, email and to-do lists to movie reviews, online shopping, and settling late night bar arguments. I always have mine with me and for better or for worse, it’s a huge part of my daily life. It’s probably the most important piece of equipment I use when traveling so I wanted to make sure I chose wisely in picking one to […]
  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    Far from the tropic coast, the “Cultural Capital” of Bali is equal parts enchanting and congested. Full article coming soon…   […]
  • Koblenz, Germany
    Romance, wine, and cobblestones, this gem on the Rhine left us wishing we had more time to linger. Full article coming soon…   […]
  • Naples Pier, Naples, FL
    Stone crabs and paddle boards, all set to the lazy sounds of the Gulf Coast waves. Full article coming soon…   […]
  • Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany
    Where panoramic views, ethereal outcroppings, and secret staircases take you on a journey to another world. Full article coming soon…   […]