Gernsbach, Germany

Stumbling upon this incredibly charming little town was the best accident of our trip.

by Steve Wilson


Our second day in Germany found us taking a train west out of Munich to the Schwarzwald area. We had planned on visiting Baden-Baden but the AirBnB prices were cheaper in Gernsbach, the next town over so that’s where we ended up staying (stay tuned for an article on the¬†Friedrichsbad). Our home for the next few days was an amazing house on a quiet road up the hill from downtown and it was simply amazing. Our host did an amazing job giving us recommendations on hikes and places to see outdoors (hint: get an app called Schwarzwald) and on top of all that she spoke English, too.


I had studied German in college but hadn’t really used it since and was really looking forward to using it again now that we were in Germany. Our time before getting to Germany was pretty hectic so I wasn’t able to prepare as much as I’d wanted but since we’d heard most Germans also know English I wasn’t too worried. I quickly learned that in small towns like Gernsbach and Baden-Baden, you can’t take it for granted that English is understood. Thanks to Google Translate and my college German we were able to get around, buy groceries, go hiking, and even eat out a couple times. It was a great crash course and I honestly had a great time figuring it all out.


From Gernsbach we were able to walk on a bunch of hikes in the Black Forest. In hindsight, having a car would’ve allowed us to get even further into the region for some better ones but we still had a good time and found some great views. We really loved walking across the river to the downtown area and enjoying the amazing atmosphere, great food, old buildings (because let’s be honest, they’re just cool), and we even stumbled on an open market one night with wine booths and snacks.



In all, we were there for four days but honestly wished we had planned for longer. Not only was the AirBnB one of the best we’ve ever been in but the town was so peaceful and the area so gorgeous that we decided to revisit again on our next trip to Germany. If you have a few days in the region do yourself a favor and check out this quaint little town.